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Back in 2013, a website popped up with this movie teaser:

Naturally, some people (myself included) got very excited about it. The polished quality of the 2 min video never once had me questioning if this was anything but a a movie in the works.  It’s Hellraiser in a fresh new form we haven’t seen!

It turns out the trailer, written and produced by Paul Gerrard (Battle Los Angeles, Wrath of the Titans, Michael Bay’s TMNT), was a pitch for rebooting the Hellraiser franchise. Check out some of these concepts from Gerrard:

Unfortunately is never came to be.

This message appeared on the HRO Facebook page on April 10th 2014:

I am sad to have to announce that it is very unlikely now that HRO will get made. The world and the current film market just wasn’t ready for such an elaborate take on the HR universe. We aimed so very high in every single aspect of this feature but alas perhaps we aimed too high. HRO would of shocked, elated, thrilled and amazed its audience, I fully believe that but alas the studios and press did not get behind us. So to hell with them. Only the fans got behind us and I thank you all. The creative HUB created from this epic process will never be tamed, we will be back one way or another. With a vengeance ! I thank you all for your support and dedication. I have been taken to the heights of elation producing, creating this beast, crushed with disappointment at its failure to find its ground. Its took me a long while to get back to normal, whatever normal is but expect dark, hell to surface from me again. It has to, you cant hold that back.

Warm regards

Paul Gerrard

I wont lie, I was a little crushed it wasn’t going to happen. The style was so fresh yet still adhering to the the confines of the Hellraiser universe. I think it would been an amazing piece of art in a industry full of rehashed garbage.

The site is still up and it still has a ton of concept art and behind the scenes shots. I definitely recommend checking it out if you haven’t already. In the back of my mind, I can’t help but hope that this somehow, someday gets revisited and then finally created. A lot of passion and love went into making the pitch, I can only imagine what the rest of the movie would have been like.


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