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Being a haunt enthusiast and general lover of all things horror, I’m not only looking for new content for my site but also new things to do. Imagine my surprise when I found out that a brand new haunt was opening up in (practically) my back yard!



Posted on their FB page:

Screamageddon, Florida’s newest horror park will feature 6 terrifying attractions in 1 location! Stay tuned to our Facebook page for the latest updates, teasers and contests. You will not be disappointed!

Other than that, not much else to go off of as the website directs to the facebook page.

So a new event with 6 experiences right out of the gate? Color me excited. A quick look up on the website and it was registered by a White River Paintball out of Indiana.

They gave their address in Dade City so you know what that meant… ROAD TRIP!

An hour later and behold a few hangers/sound stages, a newly paved road, semi trailers full of materials and a house facade!






I contacted them directly but I was told we’d have to wait until an official update for more info. So We wait. I for one love when new haunts open. We need competition with the big dogs in the area. Don’t get me wrong, the commercial haunts are great but if you aren’t into big crowds, exorbitant ticket prices, and prefer a more intimate setting then new haunts can be very rewarding.

We’ll be keeping you posted on new developments. But check out their website as well as like their social media.

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