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Speaking of crows:

This is Looks to be a interesting short horror film that is looking to get some help with funding.

Here a very cryptic synopsis:

A middle aged farmer (Joe Mullins, Pilgrim Hill) awakes in his dark scrapyard like bedroom to another day he would rather not face. He has a face given to him by alcohol and fried food. As he coughs up the fluid gathered in his lungs during the night, he seems to be a man teetering on the edge of a coffin.

Joe’s son, Peter, is a young man with a sickly frame and big child like eyes. There is very little love between the two, only resentment and anger. Every day is the same, work the failing farm, feed what’s left of the animals, cut some wood, fix the crumbling walls. But today is different, something will happen that has not happened to Peter since he was a small child. Tonight he will have to endure it once more. Joe has his duty and will not be deterred by the terrifying pleas of his young son.

Anyway, it looks creative and I’m always out to show some love to the independent film makers out there. If like what you what see, show your support by either funding , reposting, or both! You can also follow them on twitter @scared_of_crows and FB

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