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Picture this:

A family moves into a newly built house with a large abnormal tree. The tree is creepy but the price is right and the house is awesome so it makes the deal a no-brainer. But as time goes by the family feels the ominous presence of the tree like sticky fingers in their brains. Their demeanors change, they become jumpy, irritable, and it feels like every breathe is laden with an oppressing sadness and evil that can’t be avoided. they decide they’ve had enough. They hire a tree service to remove the god-awful force of evil. But, shortly after the workers start to saw the work halts and the they become frantic. The father, irritated, goes out to find out what the holdup is. The workers point to a now gaping hole that the saw created. The father peers in and, in horror, hundreds of lifeless eye sockets peer back at him.

The above story did not happen but sometimes truth is stranger than fiction. In Liwonde National park (a wildlife preserve in Malawi) there is a Babob tree that is sadly tragic as it is horrifying. A plain hand-painted sign simply states:

image (2)

The grave for people who suffered from leprosy in the past.

However, if you peer inside the trunk and listen to the history, you will soon understand the understatement of the sign.

Regionally, it is a common belief that people with particular diseases cannot be buried. One particular tribe suffered an outbreak of leprosy back in the 1950’s. So they rounded up the dead and the living alike, bound them all together, forced them into the tree, and left them all to die.

Can you imagine the horror of slowly starving to death bound up with the dead bodies? You can almost hear the screams, moans, and agonizing pleas for help over the course of days and the anguish of their family members as they have to listen to them. Something straight out of a horror movie. If the place isn’t haunted with the those tortured souls I would be shocked.

Anyway, for more details and pictures, check out Alta Obscua’s write-up on it.

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