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I’m a logical guy. Being High-functioning Aspergers it is pretty much to a fault. I tear apart inconsistencies in movies and shows almost involuntarily. Don’t even get me started on zombies. Still, I can forgive a movie’s sins sometimes if it is a great movie. The better the movie, (and proportionately the more I enjoy it) the more likely I am to gloss over it’s anomalies and inconsistencies. Having said that, I’m baffled by TurboKid.

appleThis movie… I really can’t place it nor can I categorize it. It’s steeped in 80-‘s/post-apocalyptic cliches, it’s gore is laughable, the heroes are silly, it’s villains are ridiculous, and (most importantly) it’s scientific inaccuracies are unforgivably appalling. Yet despite all it’s trashy, B-film qualities I came away enjoying it. Normally, if a movie has that much cheese, I’m begging for the end in the first ten minutes. But I found myself, not just enjoying it, but fully invested in it. It should have me raging like “tank Girl” did yet it didn’t.

TurboKidBannerI mean most of the acting is terrible, the plot is recycled from every Post-Apocalyptic movie I’ve ever seen, and the mix of modern and retro effects is quite jarring. I can’t even tell what type of movie it is trying to be. It’s too serious and gory to be a comedy and it’s too goofy and over the top to be taken seriously. I guess you can take it as a satire of the 80’s but even at that, aside from obvious modernizations, it looks like it belongs in the 80’s. I genuinely can’t tell if this movie is puerile or brilliant. Maybe it is both.

I have never seen a movie the toes the line between masterpiece and absurd quite so effectively. It teeters like a tightrope walker ready to fall to one side or the other yet it masterfully disguises whether it is really struggling to keep it’s balance or it is all part of the show.

turbo-kid-blender-official-clipOverall, Is this a good movie? For me, I would have to say yes as I truly enjoyed it in all it’s perplexing glory. If a movie can make so many fatal errors and still keep my attention as well as it did, I can’t deny it. Technically, I can’t say anything was “good” about it as it’s breaks the typical definition of a “good movie” and that actually makes it quite refreshing. This is definitely destined to be an instant cult classic.

I highly recommend seeing it as soon as you can. It’s crude, vulgar, gory, and downright bad… and you will probably love it.

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