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11191138_oriThis 4th installment in the October Movie Reviews had me very leery. First off it’s M. Night Shyamalan (we all know his current track record) and second it is a Found Footage/Documentary type movie. Still, early reports on it were that it was surprisingly good. I’m happy to say it is just that.

Never would I have thought I could like another “Found Footage ” movie after the gimmicky, shameless slew of bad examples flooding the market as of late. I mean come on, the new Paranormal Activity is found footage in 3d! That is a vomit fest waiting to happen. But movies like Lake Mungo and the original Blair Witch Project do prove that it can be used effectively.

AP_the_visit_jt_150911_16x9_992The Visit pulls it off. It’s shaky when it needs to be shaky and smooth when it needs to be smooth. The setup is believable as is the quality of the movie. So the found footage vehicle works well for it. I wouldn’t say I was amazed by the concept but the style was used appropriately.

As for Shyamalan… well The Visit still shows his strange style of writing but it isn’t nearly as obvious as it was in some of his prime stinkers… like The Happening. He actually manages to balance the humor with the tension really well and the acting is solid by just about everyone in the movie (with Deanna Dunagan stealing the show).

Overall the ending is of the style that will pretty much polarize the audience, but the movie does what it sets out to do and that is to entertain. It’s not really scary and it kind of predictable but overall it was an enjoyable ride.

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