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So next up on the docket: Murder Party
51q3U3GapyL This one is pretty straight forward. the title says it all. Ok we’re done then right? No? Darn.

Here is the synopsis:

A random invitation to a Halloween party leads a man into the hands of a rogue collective intent on murdering him for the sake of their art, sparking a bloodbath of mishap, mayhem and hilarity.

That is if “hilarity” means a few chuckles.

home_03-r2This is an older one (2007) and has come highly recommended from a few sources. But I don’t see the appeal. Our “hero” is extremely hard to empathize with (as he is a complete moron) and the rest of the cast is incredibly annoying and pretentious. I get this is a commentary on the modern art scene and how artists build up each other only to tear them down so that they feel better about themselves. I just didn’t find it very enjoyable. I like the homage to Halloween in the opening scenes but the movie dragged for the better part of the movie with tiring dialogue from people I want to see die.  Seeing as they do, I guess that is a good thing? As for the praises saying it is hilarious and witty… I just don’t see it. I only chuckled twice and that was just at how incredibly stupid the “hero” is. Plus, I don’t really find it incredibly inspired to literally give your characters truth serum to explain their internal monologues. Show don’t tell! You would think a movie with this much dialogue could do that.

MP-duhOverall, the premise was good and somewhat reminded me of a better movie called Suicide Kings. The ending has a bloody and satisfactory payoff as well I just wish the rest of the movie had a little more wit and humor.

Do I recommend it? Sure I guess. The premise was enough to keep me interested throughout the movie and, as I stated, the ending is a fairly decent payoff for your time. Just don’t expect to laugh much.

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