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Halloween is right around the corner! This is both exciting and stressful as I am hurrying to finish up my home haunt, work on my movie, and move by the end of the month. But so many movies have come out in the horror genre (that I want to see,) that I decided I just have to watch and review some of them. So this month, I’m going to try and squeeze some movie watching in and write my thoughts on them (somehow).

So first off one I have been really eager to see: Pay the Ghost.


This movie is based on Tim Lebbon’s novella. I found the original story to be supremely creepy so when I heard a movie was coming I immediately got excited… which was immediately doused when I heard seconds later that Nicholas Cage was to star in it. However, after seeing the trailer, I was still slightly hopeful.

After watching it… I was left mostly disappointed. Yeah a lot was changed from the story but that isn’t my main qualm with it. It’s predictability was only matched by its sluggish progression. I wouldn’t say though that  it was as bad as it is getting reamed for being but I would say it lacks anything of an identity.

Cage and Callies do a fine enough job of acting the movie (even though I kept expecting Sarah to scream “Carl” instead of “Charlie”) but Cage is just a bit too straight and serious… Not that an abducted child isn’t serious but this is Cage we are talking about! Where were the crazy moments and insane rants? If the movie warranted such seriousness it would be one thing, but it’s slowly paced and obtusely written story made him blend into the scenery. Even the story just retreads the same tired plots of other movies; borrowing from Insidious, National Treasury, Trick R’ Treat, and any child abduction movie.

Dead kids in costumes are scary

Dead kids in costumes are scary

I won’t say I didn’t enjoy it at all, there were some interesting elements that, if done right, would have made a great film. Oh yeah, that was the original story it is supposed to be written off of. I like the Halloween elements and imagery in the movie plus there were some really creepy musical elements but there just wasn’t enough for me to want to come back to it again. Maybe as a Halloween tradition I guess but there are much better movies to add to the rotation. Anyway, I would say you should give it a watch, keep your expectations low, and decide for yourselves if it’s worth it. It’s not great but it’s harmless and probably better than say… Season 2 of The Walking Dead.


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