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screens_set2-1Sad news. Rick Baker, Legendary Special FX artists know for his work on Star Wars, American Werewolf In London, Thriller, and countless other is retiring.

His reasons? Among them are the changing movie industry and the ever growing CGI industry.

Baker told 89.3 KPCC about his decision, saying,

First of all, the CG stuff definitely took away the animatronics part of what I do. It’s also starting to take away the makeup part. The time is right, I am 64 years old, and the business is crazy right now. I like to do things right, and they wanted cheap and fast. That is not what I want to do, so I just decided it is basically time to get out. I would consider designing and consulting on something, but I don’t think I will have a huge working studio anymore.

At least he isn’t completely gone. On a personal note, Baker has been a big hero of mine in the industry ever since I was a very small child. He will be missed.


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