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So I was one of the people waiting with baited breath to see the trailer for Krampus shown at SDCC. Unfortunately, they didn’t allow recording or post it online. But EDouglasCS from ComingSoon.net did give us a rough transcript. Here it is (paraphrased for better flow) but you can view the whole thing here.

The trailer starts innocuously with lots of images of Christmas (including a Black Friday rush to get gifts), sleigh bells, and a Christmas carol.But it gets darker and darker as we see kids being taken by something. One kid sees a tail coming down from the chimney and he reaches for it and gets pulled up. It played on the “He knows when you’re sleeping, he knows when you’re awake” Christmas theme.We don’t really see the Krampus but we do see bits of him like his long clawed hand.It’s really playing on the darker aspects of Christmas that’s part of the tradition in Europe. The cast also looks great as Adam Scott and Toni Collette are awesome but it also has David Koechner who is very funny.

So we again go back to waiting for it to either leak or get released on the internet.


However there was an awesome diorama at the event.

As well as the official Poster

And finally the official website went online with links to all their social media.


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