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user-avatar-pic.phpMy whole life I have been fascinated with monsters and the macabre. When I was a child I would tromp around with my plastic vampire teeth in, bugging my mom to put the paper Halloween Decorations up months early so I could have my own haunted house. I emulated my father’s love for painting and sketching, honing my skills until I was in High School. I then fell away from my art as I allowed the trappings of the day to day grind get to me. I chased the ambitions of others until I realized my true calling was my first love in my art. I now create pieces that typically are centered around Urban Legends and human nature.

My typical medium is ink and watercolor or Photoshop but I have worked in many mediums:

  • Photoshop is practically and extension of myself as I use it so often. Here is a sampling of my digital art
  • I’ve sculpted for Billy Bob Co. (The creator of the animatorinics for Show Biz Pizza)
  • I worked for Allied Costumes (under the extremely talented Allen Klaw Duckworth) which primary built costumes for Scholastic
  • I build Halloween props such as my popular “soul tree” and corpse props
  • I’ve worked in 3Ds Max, Cenima 4D, Lightwave, and Quantel Paint Box
  • I’ve had two series in art shows. One was “Dread Till Drawn” and the other was “Burghal Mythos” (Which is someday to be a children’s book)
  • I Created an internal comic book for Bright House Networks for 6 months/6 episodes
  • I’ve conceptualized, built, and developed haunts and create my own home haunt most years.
  • I play several instruments and have composed some dark ambient music
  • I founded this site! I plan on doing more tutorials and adding my own content to help others.

Digital painting concept for Halloween Horror Nights XX



Overall I’m just a average guy with a family and a 9-5 job trying to realize my artistic dreams. I love helping other artists and that is why I created this site. I want it to be a creative springboard for your own ideas and endeavors. With your help I can realize that dream and help other artists in the process.

You can check out my work on my FaceBook Fan page, my Youtube channel, or my website. Of course you can follow Dreaded Dominions for the latest prop build and tutorials.



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