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Universal Orlando keeps rolling out the big guns.

Today, the official HHN twitter and YouTube channel posted this video

Tomorrow, Universal Orlando Resort will unveil the horrifying force behind Halloween Horror Nights 26.

It’s her turn…

This is obviously alluding to Chance, Jack’s main squeeze, being the Icon for this year (the video is literally called the ICON teaser).

But who is Chance?

os-halloween-horror-nights-25-tv-spotWe’ll I’m sure you remember her from last years commercials and show, but she has a long history with HHN that spans more than a decade. However, her name was originally Jill… get it? Jack & Jill… Of course you do.

In 2002, UOHNN wanted a new Icon that would cash in on the popularity of Jack. So Jill was born.


DSC05575 She was to be the former flame of Jack and was to usurp him and reign over 2002. Well they ultimately went through several revision and ended up with the Caretaker. But the idea was planted.

Nothing really came to pass until 2007 when the Carnival returned. Jill got an overhaul (with heavy inspiration by Harley Quinn of the Batman universe) and became chance for the Carnage show. Her original concept was that she was a living ballerina doll brought to life and twisted by Jack.

Afterwards, she made a few appearances over the years showing up in scare zones and “best of” houses. But, it wasn’t until the 25th anniversary last year that she got to shine once again. With a new look and a more solidified character she all but stole the show in the “Carnage Returns” Show.

Now it looks like she has taken over. Looking at her new look (crumbling porcelain), it looks like they are bringing back the demented doll aspect of her backstory. What horrors does she have in store for us tomorrow? Guess we’ll have to wait and see tomorrow.

For more information on Universal Orlando’s Halloween Horror Nights, visit www.HalloweenHorrorNights.com/Orlando. For details on The Walking Dead Attraction at Universal Studios Hollywood, visit www.UniversalStudiosHollywood.com.

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