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Have you been over to the vault lately? There is a new cryptic splash screen with some audio and text exclaiming “Was it Real?”

The title of the site is N̢̫̠̪̪͖͜͝͝ơ̷̶̧̡͉͓̣͙̠̰̲̤̩̭̜̳̦̝̹̻̱̳͈̞̲̩̫͐ͨ̈͂̅ͮ̉᷅᷇͂̕͢͝Ş͖̥̪̳̻̥̘̳̲᷇̎͂ͫ̍̔̿ͭ̔̽̀̃͢i̭̱̺͂͐᷁᷅̀̐g͂n̷̢̛͔̘̼̟̋̐᷀᷾̏᷃̕ͅa̷̧͈͙̗̘̩᷂᷁᷄͆᷀̑᷉̅᷁̓͟͜ḷ̵̸̘̋< (Which I’ll admit I didn’t even know could be pulled off with text)


HHN Vault’s Twitter feed.

For the uninitiated, The vault was the main forum for Halloween Horror Nights for 5 years until it was inexplicably shut down in 2010 at the height of speculation season. Horror Night Nightmares and HHNrumors were there to quickly pick up the slack (which were both was already in existence) .

Rumors are spreading like wildfire about what this means and who it could be. From Universal buying it from the original owner to specific people who were involved at the time. Interestingly enough, no one really suspects the originator, David Campbell a.k.a. Dr. Freak.

So is it Universal? My thought would be no. Why? While I admit the coding is pretty impressive and flashy there are a few reasons I lean elsewhere. First off, it is registered private with 1and1.com. Universal typically uses networksolutions.com and they are clear about who owns it. If they do own it, they went out of their way to hide it.

Finally, The coding is littered with little Easter eggs that say “Was it Real” and “Open The Vault” in ASCII writing. While very neat. It isn’t Universal’s style. Their code is typically very clear cut and professional.

Barring Universal, the list of people capable of pulling off the coding and were also originally involved becomes rather short. Unless Campbell sold the site. Then it could be anybody.

Either way, It’s as impressive as it is mysterious. Who owns it? I don’t know but I think the real questions are “What is the purpose?” and “What does this mean for the community?” and that we will have to wait to see.

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