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As we near haunt season, construction is completing and props are going up. As a result we are getting an influx of awesome picture goodness. But one picture has caught everyone’s eye.

This picture was posted to Horror Night Nightmares yesterday by member Johnny Topside.


Doesn’t look familiar? I know some are already screaming the answer.

Ignore the shark and take a look at this.


That’s right! The top bulbs bear an uncanny resemblance to the Run logo of 2001. Throw in that this house has been rumored to be in the Disaster! queue for some time now and you got virtual confirmation on our first Original house!


For those unfamiliar with the franchise, RUNwas a house at Halloween Horror Nights XI. It was a sleeper house that many people enjoyed. It was both simple and effective.
Due to the 9/11 terror attacks RUN was modified significantly, this included the removal of its main Icon character, Eddie Schmidt. (Who was to be the original icon that year.)

The synopsis is that you were the contestant on a twisted game show where, much like Running Man, you had to run for your life while being chased by maniacs. It featured multiple changing paths and chain link fence.

It was brought back in 2006 with Eddie and renamed Run:Hostile Territory and had more of a theme based on the movie Hostle. Many feel it did not capture the true spirit of the original. Now that it’s back, will it live up to it’s predecessor?


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