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I know what you’re thinking:
“It’s March! It’s too early to talk about haunts!”

Well, for the Creative team at Universal Studios Orlando, Halloween is a year-round job.
So it’s never to soon to start picnicking er… panicking.

In a flurry of posts on Monday, the Twitter page for Halloween Horror Nights Orlando (@HorrorNightsORL) revealed multiple things but, most importantly, the first codename: COBWEB.

Now there is no note on whether this is an original or not but, based on past experience, it should be (edit: it was later confirmed as an original). Last years first code name, “Blizzard”, was the original house “Body Collectors: Recollections”. The house house prominently featured the fan favorite serial killers mashed up with the inmates of Shadybrook Asylum during a record breaking blizzard. Arguably this was the prodigy house of the year with breathtaking sets and atmosphere. So, if patterns are to be had, COBWEB maybe their golden child this year.

Regardless, the hype train has pulled out of the station so, hopefully, we will see more exciting tidbits in the near future.

Stay up to date with the latest information regarding Halloween Horror Nights on the Official page.

For those who don’t do the twitter, here are the tweets:


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