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TERROR awaits you within the walls of this classic “turn of the century” old three-story haunted mansion! Explore your deepest fears as you find your way through secret passageways… searching… for… a way… OUT! But BEWARE! You never know what restless, rotting, residents may be lurking around the corner of each foreboding room ahead… or BEHIND YOU! Join us and release your screams in Gatlinburg’s original Haunted House… IF YOU DARE!

Frightfully Yours,
The Caretaker


Mysterious Mansion is a fixture of the downtown Gatlinburg strip. They have been scaring Smokey Mountain visitors for over 30 years.
It has a wonderful exterior theme that really looks spooky at night.

Inside is has an interesting first room where you have to figure out how to get out. The rest of the rooms are a mishmash of horror themes manned by a single scare actor.

The effects are on par for your typical road side haunt but your experience rises and falls with the single actor and the amount of effort put into the scare. At one point during a visit I had the actor jump down out of the ceiling at me. Not something I was prepared for.

Overall nothing but the exterior stands out as remarkable. I would love to see them add a few people, homogenize and consolidate the theme, and up the thematic anticipation inside with some better effects and maybe a creepy soundtrack. For young children this may be a great way to introduce them to haunted house.

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