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This haunt touts itself as “Gatlinburg’s only SCARY sit down show” and as far as I know that is true. If you are headed up the strip from the parking garage it is not too far up the road on the left side. Really just a very small kiosk wedged between other attractions.

The price was only $8.00! I’m sure if I had looked I could have found a $1.00 coupon. The cashier was incredibly disinterested and bored but I managed to get out of her that it was about a 10 min show.

Upon paying, she halfheartedly waved me up the stairs. I walked up and found a small room that contained 5 benches and a display in the front of the room. I was completely alone! “Surely this has the best chance at getting me”, I thought as I sat front and center.


Picture from TripAdvisor

As soon as I sat down the door shut on it’s own and a deep voice started speaking to me… little did I know it would speak…  and speak… and speak. Soon I found out where the voice was coming from: A disembodied head appeared in a mirror and continues the spiel:

Here we have created brick by brick, board by board, stone by stone, one of the world’s most mysterious haunted attractions. We have visited many ghostly sites and collected artifacts that have brought forth very stranger and bizarre manifestations

All the while animatronic gags move around the room.

Overall, this continues the entire time. Lights go off, surround sound voices talk in your ear and behind you, wind blows, and various other automated gags are activated. The seat even moves up and down under you. The gags get more and more intense until the grand finale. I have to admit, the final scare got me (practically hit me).

So how would I improve it? For starters, the staff needs to be much more enthusiastic. I’m sure it’s not the best paying job in the world but act like you care.

Finally, Update the effects. This was probably pretty top-notch in the 90’s (Apparently it was rated 4 stars by World of Entertainment at some point). They wouldn’t have to be major changes. Maybe change the “host”. I mean his jaw was kind of jacked up and hanging on one side. Maybe they could rip off the Haunted mansion a little less. The dark part and the finale were pretty good, it’s just some of the initial things that were pretty outdated.

Overall, for the price, it’s a cheesy fun 10-min diversion. It’s not super scary so it’s probably acceptable for say the adventurous 6 year old but yet not boring for a one time sit through. It would probably be hilarious to bring someone who is easily scared with you.

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