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latestWant to add a little horror to your Christmas decorations? Here is a build I did for work a few years back that set me back around $20.00. Everything was once again bought at the Dollar Store. This was modeled after the Man-eating wreath from Nightmare Before Christmas (that was expanded upon in Disneyland in the Haunted Mansion).

163218_177265085631675_43113_nThis critter is pretty big and ominous in The Haunted Mansion So I didn’t want to do just a little wreath. Instead, I wanted him to stretch across the area and look like he was invading the whole space. You could get a very large wreath frame for his body but they can run you upwards of $50.00. Instead, I just taped two large pool noodles together with duct tape (and some green craft wire for stability) and then wrapped the whole thing in cheap evergreen garland. I believe I used about 5 lengths of garland (25 ft) to make it as thick and full as possible. I then took some sprigs of plastic holly and dispersed throughout the frame with green craft wire to match the design in the Haunted Mansion.

The eyes are ping pong balls cut in half and then squeezed to create the eye shape. The teeth are just foam board. Ideally, the teeth could be made 3D by numerous methods (paper mache, super sculpty, cardboard cones, etc.) but because of time constraints, I just used the foam board and it worked just fine.

69698_177265102298340_3349359_nFor the Venus fly trap flowers, I used ping pong balls that I painted and the glued felt petals to them. I then drilled a hole in the back of each ball and glued a green pipe cleaner into them which was then wrapped into the wreath.

Finally,I added 5 strands of evergreen garland for the tendrils and added some very Tim Burton looking presents that the Dollar Tree happened to have.

132112_178360338855483_7258700_o That is basically it. I actually did hand make a black and white stripped bow later on and, as you can see in the adjacent picture, I added the tarot cards. All in all it cost me about $20.0 and 4 hours of time to create a pretty festive display.

Happy Holidays!


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