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Ok so in honor of Fear The Walking Dead’s first episode I thought people might like a super easy DIY prop from the original show: The Walking Dead.

You’ve probably seen these before.

20150822_132156 This is an officially licensed ear necklace that Daryl wore in the “chupacabra”, season 2, episode. They look pretty rink dink and will set you back about $10.00.

You can make your own, much more realistic, ears and most of the parts can be bought at The Dollar Tree. If you know me, you probably remember I handed these out at HHN 2012.

First off you need the ears.

Malchus ear_cropThey can be bought at The Dollar Tree. They run (you guessed it) a dollar for 5 ears. Also while you’re there you can pick up a pack of six leather shoe laces for the necklace.  (black or brown)

Now these look really sad. Not realistic at all. But it just takes a little doctoring and they will look fresh off a corpse.

tumblr_mr8xbjueKl1rtoy4mo1_400The first thing you want to do is cut off the fake blood splatter. How much is your choice. (To the left you can see an example. Don’t worry about removing all the blood, it’s going to be covered up anyway.

tumblr_mre4rlFqeQ1rtoy4mo1_400Next you need some Great Stuff. This is that yellow insulation foam that can be bought at any hardware store. It is, as the named suggests, great stuff but very sticky and will not come out of fabric or a lot of other things so be careful using it. Spray just a little in the back side of the ear. It expands quite a bit as it dries so you don’t want to overdo it. Leave them face down as they dry so the foam can expand out of the ear and not make the ear bulge. Once it’s completely dry, you can cut and sand it, so you want it flush with the ear on the back also shape any that leaked through the front.

tumblr_mri3aml5sO1rtoy4mo1_400 Finally, It’s paint time! The ear should be a brownish green typically and the blood will be dark red almost black. Use your judgement of course (they are your ears). If you want a fresher, wet loot you can hit it with a clear gloss afterwards.

998289_632805043411008_1661722033_nWhen the paint dries simply use an existing hole to thread. You may have to bore though the stuff in some but it’s pretty simple. If you’re only building one necklace it probably wont save you any money as the Great Stuff costs around $7.00. But one can will fill A LOT of ears… plus you can use the rest for what it’s intended for of course.

So that is that. Now you can sport yor morbid hunting trophy with confidence!

Have fun!

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