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Our story all takes place over one night on a farmhouse in a small town in the mountains. A mysterious, bright burst of light explodes from inside the barn, knocking out the power. The drunken gathering going on in the main house comes to an abrupt halt. There is a creature they will discover in the barn. Something they do not understand. And as always, when the beliefs of the weak and fearful are threatened, they turn on each other…

That is the Official description for the new indie horror film staring Lance Henriksen (Aliens/Terminatorand) Robert John Burke (Robocop 3/Thinner). This project is being funded on kickstarter and is currently sitting at 14% of their goal.

Here is the teaser:

Has kind of a “Lovecraftian” vibe going on there. Anyway, I always like to try and help out the indie industry and it looks pretty interesting. So check it out and donate if you are so inclined.

The official site

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