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Here is the trailer for “BASKIN” a short film by Can Evrenol.

It is a visceral ride through hell that was shot independently in Istanbul, Turkey, during the height of the the police brutality and Gezi resistance. This is

A group of Turkish police called in to a desolate area stumble upon a squalid and blood-soaked den of satanic ritual… Baskin is a visceral trip into the darkest pits of a very palpable evil.

this has become some what of an infamous short film that was originally released 2013 in Sandnes, Norway.

A behind the scenes look at the making:

BASKIN short film – Behind The Scenes / Kamera Arkası (2013) from Can Evrenol on Vimeo.

Unfortunately, this short film cannot be found online but the director revealed in 2014 that principal photography had begun on expanding the film into a full length feature and the filming officially wrapped in January.

Follow the FB page and Twitter page for the official release

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