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terrapicThis Week’s Artists Spotlight focuses on a very talented, highly respected, pop builder and home haunt maker: Terra from HalloweenForum. Terra resides in Austin Texas. Her bio says she is a house wife but she also has a indubitable library of tutorials and prop builds. From tombstones to life-sized monster props to ChromaDepth 3D haunts she covers the gamut. She also teaches classes on different techniques at conventions and even has a technical breakdown on the components of a scare called ‘The Seven Layers Of Scare’

Anyway, enough talk from me! Go check out her work and you’ll learn a great deal! She can be found on Haunt Form and YouTube (Scaryladyvideos)

Here is a an video tutorial on and impressive, life-sized Hell Hound (But it is also a great tutorial on how to foam sculpt and scale props).

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