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This week’s artist spotlight focuses on a personal hero of mine who needs little introduction. Pumpkinrot of pumpkinrot.com!

Rot is a very reclusive Pennsylvania based artist who is a savant when it comes to the static prop. A very accomplished and prolific artist, he has created movie-quality home haunts for over a decade, made a practical effects short film called Swap Foetus, and his work was even the star of the feature movie ‘Mr. Jones

Every year I look forward to his reveal. He has an ability to capture the uncanny and disturbing that is entirely unparalleled. The pieces themselves are very organic in nature and seem to have an unsettling potential for energy. They appear to simply be in a moment of repose and that if you just let your gaze wander, even for just a split-second, they will  spring to life and come for you.

Rot’s yearly haunt always has a theme that he uses to push himself creatively. 2014 had a classic Halloween feel (The centerpiece was a devil, witch, and ghost) the year before was what Rot himself described as “The Scarecrow Catacomb.”

It honestly blows me away the level of detail and realism he manages to put into his hobby. That’s right, his amazing art is a hobby that he has never gone to school for. In fact, he states that his daily job is the farthest thing from Halloween.

They say that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. While I don’t necessarily agree with that when it is meant as a carbon copy, I do agree with gaining inspiration from others to better oneself and springboard creativity. If fact, that is the true drive behind this site. We want to help other artists find inspiration for their own horror pieces. So what better artist to feature than the one who got me back into Halloween and prop building with the sheer creative inspiration his work exudes? In fact my Soul Tree and corpse prop came from looking at Rot’s work and then using what I had learn to do my own thing.

So go ahead, get inspired! Aside from the videos and pictures of his own work, he has a blog where he posts daily pictures, poems, comics, and awesome music that will keep you in the Halloween frame of mind all year long.

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