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a3da5cbce22ba5403b7e90c389ba5035This weeks artist spotlight is a very talented artist and a good friend: Lazaro “Sinister” Gomez.

Lazaro started creating art at the early age of 8 years old. He taught himself to draw with the help of shows like “The Joy Of Painting” and “Secret City Adventures”. Heavily influenced by science fiction and horror, he is a prolific artist.

Zombot Love Is Eternal.

His main medium is pen and ink but he works it a wide variety of mediums including: 3D modeling, animation, programming, and web design.

Some of his achievements include:

  • An illustrated Children’s book: Zombot Love Is Eternal.
  • Designed Artwork for HorrorNight Nightmares, A Little Punch Drunk, Mirage Entertainment, Behind the Thrills, and many other businesses.
  • Hosted an art show for two years called VuDuCon
  • Hosts tutorials via Youtube, Instructables, and Deviant Art.
  • Any a great deal more!

Con Art Series: Mystique


Moving forward Lazaro plans to continue to do shows (possibly host his own show again), work in Comics, start up a Prop business, remain humble while helping other artists, and lastly continue to have fun with the talents he has been given.

On a personal note, Lazaro has been a big influence in my own personal art. He invited me to be a part of VuDuCon, advised, and in general has been pivotal in helping me grow as an artist.

Read his full biography here!

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