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9th house

Update: It appears that the MIB queue was not approved for some reason. Click here to go to the updated info

Universal Orlando’s Halloween Horror Nights 25 will be the biggest, longest and most intense in event history.  Here are the top things you need to know: The event will feature NINE haunted houses – more than ever in event history.

But this raises the question: “Where will the 9th house be located?” Rumors have included an new tent, a new parade building, and many other locations. However inside intel is now saying the same thing: The MIB extended queue. If this is true it will mark yet another new location for a house.

It does makes sense:

  • It evens out the house distribution so 4 on one side (MIB, parade, and tents), 4 on the other (Soundstages), and 1 in the middle(The Disaster! queue).
  • It matches where previous rumors basically put it. Just the structure is different.

There is a con though. It is very close to where B&T lets out. However the path is easily blocked at that point and traffic can flow to the lagoon and towards San Francisco.

Here is a map of the proposed location:

MIB house

Is it true? Maybe… maybe not. But some info comes from better sources. Take it for what it is: An informed rumor.

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