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9th house

It looks as if the MIB queue was a no-go for the 9th house. It was considered but unfortunately (for whatever reason) it was not suitable.

Unfortunately these things happen, but the new location being reported seems to be legitimate and on track. That location is Shrek’s second theater.



I know. I know. You’re probably saying “Shrek has a second theater?” and that is exactly the point as it is rarely used. So the plan is allegedly to gut the second theater and put a house in it. The next logical question is will this work?

Well, The Shrek Soundstage, SS 40 (or 4-D) is roughly the size of Soundstage 24 which is around 20,000 square feet. We know that SS 24 typically is home to two houses. So feasibly yes a house would fit in the theater. To put it into perspective, SS 22 was once to house a “triple run” house which means 3 separate paths and that SS is only about 8,000 square feet. (It actually ended up only being a dual run).

So there it is. Shrek stays open, 9th house fits, and all existing queue lines can be used. Win Win.

But this doesn’t mean there aren’t logistical concerns; Concerns specifically with crowd flow. The area around Shrek is notoriously busy. Plaza of the Stars typically houses a scare zone in front of Shrek and all the guests coming and going through the front gates make for a busy place to jump in line. How will adding a house in this location affect typical traffic? Can they go in the back through the largely dead Shrek alley? Perhaps from Hollywood Blvd just past Lucy?

Concerns aside, I’m sure this location will work. We’ll keep you posted if anything else changes.

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