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As we wind down to the final day leading up to Christmas, 24 just isn’t enough. Sure, I’ve touched on a lot of the older classics but there are so many great modern stories I don’t want to neglect. I apologize but, I’m breaking the 24 stories constraint, voiding the warranty, and adding three more. So here are four modern winter/ghost stories that I find to be a great read.


Dark Matter by Michelle Paver
This is a truly creepy story that lingers with you for a while. Set in journal format, it is a little lengthy (at 243 pages) for your typical Christmas party but maybe a 4 hour read. It deals with the brutal isolation of the arctic tundra and an unseen force. It a unique little gem.



By Julie Dillon

Snow, Glass, Apples by Neil Gaiman
This one is online to read here. Roughly a 16 min read and set in a medieval/fantasy setting, it tells the tale of snow white seen in a very different light. Definitely for a more mature audience.


The Winter Ghosts by Kate Mosse
Another quick read, (243 pages) it tells the story of a car accident in the snowy Pyrenees mountains, a tiny inn, and a tragic mystery.


And finally A Winter’s Guest by Shawn Patterson.
This one can be found online here and it’s about a 16 min read. Plus there is an reading of it here (it’s a bit mechanical though and he reads it in 25 min).
This one tells the story of a house sitter terrorized by mysterious visitors in the dead of winter.

There you have it! Tomorrow I’ll post the final story. I wonder what one will it be?

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