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Plat-Eye by Jeramy Walton

Plat-Eye by Jeramy Walton

Today’s ghost story strays from the tradition Old Ghost story. I first heard about this specter in Charleston and it intrigued me. It comes from a small group of native people called the Gullah people (or Geechees). They are the descendants of enslaved Africans who lived in the Lowcountry regions of Georgia and South Carolina. They speak a derivative of Sea Island Creole hybridized with English and peppered with African words which is called Gullah. Due to the isolation of the rural area they live in, they have kept a very distinct ethnic identity that has strong influences from Central and West African cultures.

The specter in question is called the Plat-Eye. Plat-eyes inhabit lonely roads and  graveyards. They take the form of an animal. Most often this animal is a dog with glowing eyes but It could manifest as a human, cat, cow, boar, a headless person, or even just a pair of fiery eyes. The eyes are key to identify an animal as being a disguised Plat-eye.

Here is the first story. It has both an audio version and written version along with several pictures.

The second story is strictly a video and it explains a little more about the Plat-Eye and then tells the story


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